gücüm pompa

GÜCÜM PUMP machinery industry Haskovo was founded in Istanbul in 1970. Our company was established as a workshop to repair the pump, producing its own brand name GÜCÜM products, and the distinction of being the only leading company in the industry by expanding its product range and has maintained over the years. Location of production made by Universal bench, at every stage in the world made with standard computer-aided manufacturing has left a quality bench. Our quality has been registered by the Turkish Standards Institute for compliance with European norms. Gücüm pump 5 to 3600 m³ / h capacity range and produces 60 kinds of pumps. In line with the Company, we also need a complete vacuum units.

Gücüm branded in a variety of industrial applications of vacuum pumps over the past years and dozens of industry in quality, proven with long-lasting and productive work and my strength has become a real brand name. Our products are mainly food, chemical, plastics, textiles, clay, glass-ceramic, healthcare, paper is used in many sectors, including the skin.

Manufacture 30% of our flour from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Poland, America, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel and we are exporting to Hong Kong .

Gücüm has three major defining words:

INTEGRITY All the work we do, our professionalism and our respect for ethical and honest in our society interaction management.

RELIABILITY Always of the highest quality manpower, products and services to our inquiry.

TOUGH Our customers, our employees and our suppliers, our ambition for us to choose a long-term relationship.