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Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used mainly in the food, chemical, plastic, textile, glass, pharmaceutical and brick and tile industry.

At deodorization and refinery applications during manufacturing edible oil
Producing yoghurt, milk and juice
Producing jam and candies
At the macaroni, tomato paste and conserve factories to remove the vapour
Sugar refinery
Producing agricultural products, producing amyl
Producing cigarettes and alcohol
Eviscerating poultries
Manufacturing detergent and soup
Distillation and evaporation
Vacuum forming
Manufacturing plastic pipe and  profile
Covering cables with plastic
Yarn conditioning
Drying textile products
Manufacturing brick and tile
Vacuum degassing and forming with vacuum  
Hospital vacuum systems, sterilization  
At Central Vacuum Units.  
Removing moisture from machine and drying paper mache  
Manufacturing egg trays  
Shaping leather.  
At impregnated processes at wood industry  
At taking underground water to centrifugal pumps  
At lifting and carrying processes with vacuum  
At vacuum of turbine condensers at energy exchanges  
At vacuum filters at mine industry  

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