gücüm pompa

As the Gücüm Pompa; Pump Manufacturing in the market, creative customer needs, to deliver sustainable and inspiring solutions and advice, with the preference priorities in the global market, keeping the priority on PRODUCT SAFETY the most valuable company vision to be the class of our country, have adopted continuous improvement of product quality, our customers, our employees and including our suppliers in integrity with all our stakeholders to work in accordance with the following principles are our main duties and responsibilities;

• Customer Satisfaction quality of our processes we have created in order to meet the expectations of our internal and external customers and efficiency, achieve excellence through continuous improvement approach to raising the level to compete at the international level,

• Understanding of Quality: The gateway to making mistakes with onsite quality system, which aims to make right the first time and thus carry high production efficiency; By making the products and standard processes, have product quality to maintain the desired level of quality and capability to sustain and,

• Employee Engagement: the understanding of management by objectives to advance the same goal together with all employees, providing effective communication to keep alive the spirit of teamwork. Of employees with technical support and training to contribute to the development of behavioral capabilities,

• Efficiency of the Process: Based on the data, and the whole process of Lean Management approach to effective and efficient work, Power Pump, all our processes we have created in order to ensure management and standardized systematic approach to maintain our Quality Management System, and we are committed to continuous improvement.

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