Vacuum Pump Energy Efficiency

Vacuum Pump Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is of great importance in our country and in the world. The countries of the world attach importance to the efficient consumption of the energy produced and to raise social awareness about energy efficiency as much as they attach importance to renewable energy systems in their energy policies. Projects are carried out to increase energy efficiency and create energy efficiency awareness in many fields from pre-school education to industry both in our country and in the world. Turkey imports approximately 3/4 of the primary energy it needs. This is the most important factor that causes us to attach much more importance to energy efficiency.

As my power pump, we are aware of this and we are developing many projects related to this. In order to ensure energy efficiency in vacuum pumps, pumps must be selected specifically for their projects. Each wrongly selected pump returns great losses to our users. we make systems.

One of the most important ways of saving energy depends on the efficiency of electric motors used in almost every field of industry.

As the efficiency increases in electric motors, the cost of the motor and therefore the price increases as the material used increases or more expensive materials are used. If the investment cost is not considered, the highest efficiency motor should always be preferred. However, if the investment is thought to pay for itself, which is the best way, then how many hours a day the electric motor will work, how many days it will work per year, the unit price of the electric energy and the efficiency advantage of the efficient motor should be taken into consideration.

Since the energy efficiency of our customers' old type pumps is low, we calculate the amortization times that our new type pumps will bring to their companies and send them to them. Together with the energy efficiency of our new type of pumps, we reduce their savings.

As Gucim pump family, we contribute to energy efficiency by producing the right solutions for our customers and with an innovative approach. Together with our strong service and dealer network, we produce solutions for each project for our customers.