How Can You Extend the Life of a Vacuum Pump?

How Can You Extend the Life of a Vacuum Pump?

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How Can You Extend the Life of Your Vacuum Pump?

  1. Maintain your pump: Regular maintenance of your pump is the most important factor in prolonging its life. Regular maintenance routine, such as replacing certain parts of your pump, lubrication, keeps your pump's performance at a high level.

  2. Avoid overloading: Overloading your pump can shorten its life. Loading your pump in accordance with its capacity ensures that your pump runs smoothly for a longer time.

  3. Clean: Cleaning your pump is another important factor in prolonging its life. Purifying your pump from polluted air or dust makes your pump work more efficiently.

  4. Store it properly: Proper storage of your pump is an important factor in extending its life. Protect your pump from moisture, dust and other harmful factors. If you are not going to use it for a long time, ensure that your pump is stored in accordance with the storage conditions.

  5. Use it right: Proper use of your pump is one of the most important factors in prolonging its life. Protect your pump from any overload, use it properly and follow the operating instructions of your device correctly.

Ultimately, extending the life of your vacuum pump depends on factors such as regular maintenance, cleaning and proper use. Extending the life of your pump not only saves costs for your business, but also keeps the performance of your device at a high level. By following the tips above, you can extend the life of your pump and use it efficiently for a long time.


How Should It Be Cleaned?

Cleaning of the pump should be done following a correct procedure. First, the pump's energy supply must be cut off. Next, the vacuum pump cover must be opened. Dirt, dust and other residues inside the pump should be removed with a vacuum. In case of insufficient vacuum, a brush can be used. However, the use of brushes should be limited to avoid damaging the sensitive parts inside the pump.




During the cleaning of the pump, the oil must also be changed. When to change the oil of the pump depends on the use of the pump and the type of oil. It is generally recommended to change the oil every six months or more often depending on the amount of oil used. Changing the oil also helps remove impurities and debris from inside the pump.


Cleaning the vacuum pump increases efficiency by increasing the pump uptime. Dirt and debris settles between parts inside the pump, reducing uptime and shortening the life of the pump. Uncleaned vacuum pumps result in lower vacuum and performance levels.


Vacuum Pump Prices

Vacuum pumps are a vital device for many different industrial and domestic applications. As a manufacturer of high quality vacuum pumps, Gucim Pompa offers its customers quality devices at affordable prices.

The vacuum pumps produced by Güçlüm Pompa are known for their superior performance and durability. To meet the different needs of customers, many different models are offered in different sizes and capacities. The prices of different models may vary according to their features, capacities and performances.





The product range is designed to meet a variety of needs. From lightweight and portable vacuum pumps to industrial and high-capacity pumps

There are products suitable for all kinds of sectoral needs. Güçlüm Pompa always aims to offer the most suitable product to its customers.

In addition to the vacuum pumps it offers to its customers, it also draws attention with its customer satisfaction-oriented services. It responds to the needs of its customers with after-sales support, technical support, warranty period and spare parts services.


Manual Vacuum Pump

Manual vacuum pumps are manually operated vacuum pumps to create vacuum using a pump handle. This type of pump has a simple but effective design and is widely used in many different industries. Manual vacuum pumps are an essential tool in many applications because they can be used to take in or evacuate substances such as air or liquids.



Manual vacuum pumps use a variety of materials in their manufacture to ensure high quality and durability. These materials include materials such as stainless steel, polymers, and high-quality rubber. These materials ensure the long life of the pump and allow it to be used safely even in contact with any hazardous chemicals.